FloodBreak Automatic Flood Gates


Vehicle Gate

The FloodBreak Vehicle Gate provides permanent flood protection, 24/7, without human intervention or power. Permanently installed and nearly invisible beneath entryways, FloodBreak automatic flood barriers protect virtually any vulnerable flood path while allowing unimpeded access to your facility.

Pedestrian Gate

The Floodbreak Pedestrian Gate is a fully-engineered flood control system that automatically blocks pedestrian entrances from street-level flooding. These automatic floodgates provide permanent flood protection for door entrances, stairwells and pedestrian walkways. No longer do you have to worry about flash flooding or prematurely closing important pathways – the FloodBreak floodgate will deploy automatically, 24/7, if a flood event occurs.

Roadway Gate

The FloodBreak Roadway Gate is a fully-engineered, passive flood mitigation system designed for continuous traffic service and heavy use on local roads and highways.

Like all FloodBreak Automatic Floodgates, the roadway gate provides permanent flood control and is hidden underground to allow uninterrupted vehicle traffic until deployed by floodwaters.

Vent Shaft System

The FloodBreak Vent Shaft System is an innovative flood control solution for underground rooms, tunnels and subway stations that have vertical ventilation shafts to the surface.

The system fits securely beneath street-level grates and prevents floodwater from pouring through the vent shaft to the rooms and stations underground. Water can be channeled to existing drainage systems through a weep hole at the bottom of the unit.  This allows water to drain from the system at a controlled rate.   Once the flooding subsides, the vent shaft gates automatically reopen allowing air to flow freely to the space below.

Secondary Gates

FloodBreak can help protect your secondary and non-critical locations when cost is a primary decision factor and the risk associated with manual deployment is acceptable.  FloodBreak manual gates are the highest quality active closures available and are useful in combination with Floodbreak’s automatic flood barrier systems for campus-wide implementations, especially where a single vendor is desirable.

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